Zero Waste Toolkit Available

Posted on April 23, 2012
Waste and recycling programs.

The Marin Hazardous and Solid Waste Management Joint Powers Authority (JPA) has established a Zero Waste Goal of achieving 80 percent waste reduction by 2012 and zero disposal by 2025. To address how best to meet this Zero Waste Goal, the JPA has initiated a two-phase process.

Phase I, the Zero Waste Feasibility Study, completed in December 2009, focused on establishing programs and policies to strengthen the regional framework for meeting the Zero Waste Goal. Phase II, the Zero Waste Tool Kit focuses on implementation of specific programs and policies by the Member Agencies and the JPA to meet the Zero Waste Goal.

The Member Agencies and the JPA have successfully implemented programs to comply with the Integrated Waste Management Act (AB 939) requirements of diverting from landfill 50 percent of waste generated on a countywide basis. As a regional agency the JPA reports diversion progress to the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) on a regional basis for all of Marin. In order for Zero Waste to be attained on a regional basis, it is highly beneficial and cost effective for the JPA, Member Agencies, and haulers to implement programs and policies that are consistent countywide.

To promote regional consistency and effective programs that can be adopted by the Member Agencies and administered by either each Member Agency or by the JPA, model documents have been developed. These documents include: Model Construction and Demolition Debris Ordinance, Model Commercial and Multi-Family Recycling Ordinance, Model Zero Waste Resolution, Model Extended Producer Responsibility and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Resolution, and Model Franchise Agreement Language.

The JPA has also started a grant program to its member agencies as an incentive to adopt these policies. The first year of the grant program was budgeted at $245,111 and is allocated to the municipalities on a per capita basis. The grants can fund implementation of the Tool Kit Programs or other Zero Waste efforts.

Zero Waste Toolkit

Zero Waste Feasibility Study