Marin Sanitary Service

Materials Collected

Recycling is collected in a dual stream fashion. 

Paper: Cardboard, newspaper, paperboard, paper bags, paper egg cartons, paper tubes, office paper, junk mail, magazines, paperback books, telephone books, and scrap paper.

No wax or plastic coated paper, wrapping paper, soiled paper, tissue, paper towels, carbon paper, or blueprint paper.

Glass: Bottles, food jars and bottles, beverage bottles

No window glass, light bulbs, plate glass, Pyrex, ceramics, mirrors, ovenware, or dishware.

Metal: Aluminum cans, tin cans, bi-metal cans, clean aluminum foil, aluminum and tin pie plates, metal lids, and empty aerosol cans.

No juice bags, hangers, propane tanks, pressurized cans, paint cans with paint, or scrap metal.

Plastic: Clean plastic bottles, jugs and tubs such as milk jugs, yogurt containers, laundry detergent jugs, water bottle.

No plastic or bio-plastic bags, non-numbered plastics, Styrofoam or bio-plastic food containers or utensils.

Green Waste/Food Scraps: Grass clippings, leaves, weeds, shrub and tree clippings under 4′ in length and 3″ in diameter. Meat, poultry, dairy, cooking oil & grease, fats, fruit, vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, pizza boxes & soiled paper and waxed products, sawdust.

No dirt, pesticides, treated wood, plastic bags, concrete, pet waste, ceramics, waxed cardboard, metals, or plastics.