Recology Sonoma Marin

Recyclable Materials Collected (Blue Cart)

Recycling is collected in a single stream fashion.

Paper: Newspaper, magazines, junk mail, office paper, telephone books, cardboard, paper bags, frozen food packaging, cereal boxes, egg cartons, milk cartons, juice boxes.

No plastic-coated paper, photos, food contaminated paper, or hard covered books.

Glass: Food and beverage glass containers only.

No ceramic, light bulbs, window glass, or mirrors.

Metal: Aluminum cans, aluminum foil, tin cans, bi-metal cans, and metal food trays.

No batteries, car parts, or scrap metal.

Plastic: Food and beverage containers and buckets.

No Styrofoam, hoses, plastic sheeting, tarps, pools, baby bathtubs, lawn chairs, furniture, toys or pipes.

Compostable Materials Collected (Green Cart)

Plant trimmings: Leaves, grass clippings, weeds, berry vines, garden waste, tree trimmings and other prunings less than 2′ long and 4″ in diameter.

Food Scraps and Food Soiled Paper: Produce, meat, bones, shell fish, grains, dairy, paper napkins, paper towels, pizza boxes, paper plates.

No garbage, plastic bags, nursery pots, glass, wood products, rocks, sod, tree stumps, poison oak, palm fronds, bamboo, pampas grass, cactus, grease, oil, animal waste or compostable plastics.

No paper cups