Tamalpais Community Services District

Materials Collected

Recycling is collected in a single stream fashion.

Paper: Paperback books, boxes, packages, cardboard, catalogues, cereal boxes, colored construction paper, computer paper, detergent boxes, envelopes, frozen food packaging, junk mail, magazines, folders, newspapers, office paper, paper bags.

Glass: All colors, lids, caps, bottles, CRV beverage containers, jars.

No window glass, mirrors, or light bulbs – CFL light bulbs can be dropped off for separate recycling program.

Plastic: Container only (empty and rinsed), lids, bleach containers, detergent bottles, buckets without handles, CRV beverage containers (soda, water, juice), household cleaning containers, milk jugs, bottles (rinsed), water jugs.

No Styrofoam, plastic bags, pipes, tarps, furniture, pools, baby bathtubs, toys, and hangers.

Green Waste: Brush, cactus, flower cuttings, fruits, garden trimmings, grass, hay, house plants, lawn clippings, leaves, shrubbery, tree limbs up to 3 inches in diameter cut into 3-foot lengths, vegetables, weeds, wood chips, yard waste.

Food Waste (To be placed in the green waste bin): Meat, poultry, dairy products, cooking oils and greases, fats, fruits, vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, pizza boxes, paper plates and napkins, waxed paper, waxed cardboard, paper towels, any food stained paper products.