Home Composting Courses

Home Composting Courses

Are you interested in saving money on your garbage bill? How about an interest in supplying fresh soil amendments to your garden or yard? Your opportunity is here!

Zero Waste Marin provides free composting courses to Marin County residents. These two hour classes will demonstrate basic composting skills such as mulching and transforming food scraps with worms. If time permits, we will also cover general recycling rules and updates on the global recycling market.

What to expect: This course will cover all the basics for you to start converting your food waste and yard waste into a valuable source of nutrients for your garden.

Fee: This class is free for all Marin residents. Participants will receive a free kitchen compost pail.

Sign-Up: Please email cpoldino@marincounty.org for more information.

Dates & Locations: The 2020 – 2022 composting classes have been canceled due to the coronavirus. We will update this page when we start having classes again.

How do I start a backyard compost pile?

You can buy a backyard bin from your local hardware store or create your own. Zero Waste Marin also sells them at a discount during our composting courses. Here are some tips to get started on backyard composting:

  • Transfer the organic waste from your kitchen compost pail to your backyard compost pile as often as needed.
  • Avoid adding pesticide- and herbicide-treated grass clippings, leaves, twigs, straw, acorns, moss and algae.
  • Do not fill your backyard compost pile with meat scraps, fish bones, bacon fat, cleaning chemicals, pet waste or diseased plants, all of which are capable of attracting pests and spreading disease.
  • To speed up the composting cycle, place your compost bin in an area that will receive sunlight. Use a compost turner, pitchfork or shovel to aerate your pile every two weeks by mixing up the contents (as if you were tossing a salad).
  • A great compost has a balance of carbon, nitrogen, air and water.

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