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Tips to Reduce Waste at Home

Follow these simple steps to reduce waste when grocery shopping, packing a lunch, purchasing new products for your home and more!

Be a Thoughtful Shopper

Keep unnecessary packaging materials out of the landfill! By making simple choices when you shop, you can reduce the amount of plastic wrap, cardboard and other packaging that comes with your purchase.

Recycled Products

Next time you shop, look for products made with recycled content. These products will usually mention their recycled content on their label. Tip: the more post-consumer content, the better.

Follow these tips the next time you go shopping:

Reusable Containers

Planning ahead cuts down on waste! Use these tips to avoid collecting and throwing away take-out containers.

Stop Junk Mail

Help reduce the amount of paper wasted in Marin each year, and get rid of the headache of unwanted junk mail. Go paperless by removing your name from mailing lists, opting out of catalogs and more.

Paper Towels

Have you ever thought about how many paper towels you use in an average day? It’s probably a lot more than you think. Consider these tips to help reduce your paper towel use, and save money.