Request for Proposal for SB 1383 Planning

Posted on September 22, 2022

The JPA is seeking outside assistance to develop an implementation plan that would provide a roadmap for the agency and its members to meet the new and more ambitious organics reduction mandate, as well as to identify areas where collaboration is recommended as a best practice to streamline reporting and compliance and what would be required for successfully doing so, including potential costs. 

RFP for SB 1383 ZWM MA Collaboration

The RFP is due by October 13, 2022.

Question:  Has the JPA, its members or franchise haulers been subject to any enforcement actions from CalRecycle related to 1383 compliance?

Answer: No.

Request for Proposal for Supplemental Community Recycling Outreach in West Marin

Posted on October 26, 2021

Zero Waste Marin is seeking qualified applicants to assist with Public Outreach and Education within the one waste collection franchise the County holds in West Marin.

Please see the RFP on the County website.

The RFP’s intent is to identify potential vendors (qualified individuals, non-profits, companies) that can work with the County of Marin Waste Management Division to supplement education and outreach provided by the County and the local Franchises waste hauler, Recology Sonoma Marin.

The work contemplated in this project is to benefit the communities solely within the “West Marin Franchise No. 1” which includes Pt. Reyes, Tomales, Dillon Beach, Woodacre, Lagunitas, and San Geronimo. Individuals, non-profits, and companies that can competently disseminate information about recycling, compost, household hazardous waste options, bulky waste pick-ups and diversion programs, including SB 1383, are all encouraged to tender RFP responses.

There is an expected budget of $20,000 for this one-year contract.
Proposal packages will be received through Wednesday – December 1, 2021 at 2:00pm (PST).

The RFP and all instructions for it can be found on the County website.

Questions and Responses to Zero Waste Strategic Planning and Organizational Assessment RFP

Posted on December 4, 2019

Question 1 of 2: 

We have the 1996 Joint Powers Agreement. Are there any other governing documents that describe the JPA structure, roles, and functions that you can provide?

Response 1 of 2:

There are no additional, significant governing documents.

Question 2 of 2:

The RFP requests three references. Would Zero Waste Marin accept a proposal that includes more than three references?

Response 2 of 2:

We ask that you keep the reference list to your best and most relevant three.


Request For Proposals

Posted on November 18, 2019

The Marin County Hazardous and Solid Waste Management Joint Powers Authority is soliciting proposals from qualified firms to conduct an Organizational Assessment of the JPA and to provide a concise update to its Zero Waste Feasibility Study.  Please review the Request for Proposals here.  Help us get to zero waste!

Request for Proposal

Posted on July 3, 2019

Zero Waste Marin is seeking qualified applicants to assist with Public Outreach and Education. Please see the attached RFP.

For answers to all submitted questions, please click here.