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Zero Waste Marin regularly attends community events to help residents learn about reducing waste. Staff can conduct presentations about waste, host a table where attendees can learn about what Zero Waste Marin does, and discuss best practices for zero waste events with an event coordinator.

A Zero Waste coordinator speaks with an event attendee
A boy smiles as he places a napkin in the compostables container at a Zero Waste Marin event
A Zero Waste coordinator leans across the booth table to speak with a child
A Zero Waste coordinator presents a reusable bag to a child at a Zero Waste Marin event
Two Zero Waste coordinators speak with a student at an event

All Images ©Emily Hagopian

Community Event Calendar

Below, view upcoming community events and events where Zero Waste Marin will be in attendance.

Color coding key: Joint Powers Authority meetings are in green; Local Task Force meetings are in orange; events where Zero Waste Marin will be present are in navy; and relevant community events where Zero Waste Marin will not be in attendance are in yellow.

Zero Waste Marin at Your Event

To request Zero Waste Marin’s presence at a community event, fill out our event attendance request form.