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Prevent Food Waste: Eat It All Up!

Let’s reduce food waste for good and eat it ALL up!

Did you know that 30 – 40% of the food we produce globally never gets eaten by anyone? Wasting this food also means wasting the energy, water, resources, and emissions that went into producing that food. Wasting food at the household level also means wasting money – the average American family of four wastes $1600 per year on wasted food.

Households are responsible for 37% of our wasted food, so now is the perfect time to commit to reducing food waste in your home! Shop with a list, make a plan for leftovers, get creative with surplus ingredients, and eat it ALL up!

Additionally, when wasted food goes to landfill it emits dangerous methane, a pollutant that contributes to climate change. Climate change effects, from flooding to wildfires, are a threat to our health, safety, and communities. Reducing food waste just makes good sense.

You can view and download the campaign graphics here and for more tips on how to reduce food waste, visit our Food Waste Prevention page.