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Reduce Waste During the Holidays

Follow these tips from Zero Waste Marin to reduce waste during the holidays!

Plan ahead to prevent waste

Check your pantry before you go shopping, then make a list and buy only what you need for each recipe, especially if you are cooking for a large group. For more ways to streamline your shopping trips, visit our Tips to Reduce Waste at Home page.

Use your leftovers

Make the most of Thanksgiving by transforming leftovers into satisfying soups, sandwiches, pot pies and more. A simple online search will yield a wide variety of yummy recipes.

Donate extra food

If you cooked or purchased too much, consider donating to local organizations such as the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, the Ritter Center or St. Vincent De Paul Society. For more tips, visit our Food Waste Prevention page.

Compost food scraps

Help keep food waste out of the landfill! Simply toss your turkey carcass, stems, peels, bones and any spoiled food scraps into your green compost cart. For more information on how to compost visit our Composting Info and Courses page.

Dispose of fats, oil and grease correctly

Deep frying your turkey this year? Remember that leftover fats, oils and grease should neverbe poured down the drain. Marin County residents, except those in Novato, can bring used cooking oil in liquid form to the Marin Household Hazardous Waste Facility in San Rafael. For more information on safe disposal, visit the Fats, Oils & Grease page. If you live in Novato, find more information on handling FOG here.

Zero Waste Marin works with cities and towns throughout Marin County to educate residents about reducing the amount of waste that goes into our local landfills. Click HERE to download a PDF copy of this newsletter.