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Reduce Waste this Winter

Zero Waste Marin and our partners want to pass along a few tips to help Marin County residents reduce waste this holiday season.

Holiday Shopping

  • When out shopping for the perfect party favor or present, please support our locally owned businesses in Marin.
  • Carry your own reusable bags for holiday shopping, and avoid taking a paper bag for your purchases.
  • If you’re gifting electronic gadgets or toys, choose rechargeable batteries and consider including a battery charger with your gift as well.

Give an Experience

Consider giving friends and family members a gift that requires very little or no packaging:

  • Theater, movie or concert tickets
  • Membership to a museum
  • Gift card to a local store
  • Visit your favorite restaurant
  • A certificate for babysitting, gardening, or cleaning the house or car.

Alternative Gift Wrap

Single use wrapping paper creates a huge amount of waste each year. Instead of purchasing a new roll of wrapping paper and ribbon, shop your home for unique wrapping materials.

  • Gift bags or reusable shopping bags
  • Tins or baskets
  • Newspaper or magazine pages

Never Burn Wrapping Paper!

It is illegal to burn trash and wrapping paper. But did you know that wrapping paper is not recyclable because of the shiny, glossy glitter and foil? It must be thrown in the landfill bin.  This is especially true now that markets for recycled paper are becoming extremely strict about what they will accept. To help save resources, if you must use wrapping paper, try to save and reuse it next holiday season.

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