Turn Down the Volume on Waste!

Many items these days arrive swamped in unnecessary packaging, are used once and then get tossed. Too often, these “convenient” items lead to an inconvenient problem: Waste! This stuff takes up a lot of space in the landfill. Often it doesn’t make it to the landfill and instead becomes ugly and unhealthy pollution.

We can reduce the amount of waste.

Turning down the volume means:

  • Selecting reusable solutions for everyday products,
  • Thinking through a product’s life and contents, then buying wisely and
  • Choosing reduced packaging.

What’s more, often these solutions are more efficient, more attractive and/or save money. For example:

hand wiping out wasteful paper towels holding a reusable cloth

Replace endless rolls of paper towels with one reusable cloth. Reusable cleaning cloths are available online, trying searching for “Swedish dishcloth.”

one rechargeable battery replacing no rechargeables

Replace wasteful single-use batteries with rechargeable ones.

detergent sheets replace bulky detergent bottles

Replace bulky bottles of laundry detergent with slim detergent sheets. Find lightweight boxes of detergent sheets at select grocery stores or online.

We CAN Turn Down the Volume of waste and help our community and the environment.


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