Junk mail

Junk Mail

Help reduce the amount of paper wasted in Marin each year, and get rid of the headache of unwanted junk mail. Use these simple tips to go paperless by removing your name from mailing lists, opting out of catalogs and more.

  • When you receive a credit card offer, company catalog, newsletter or coupon booklet that you did not request, immediately contact the sender and ask to be removed from their mailing list.
  • Create an online account at TrustedID to opt out of catalogs, credit card offers, coupons and circulars.
  • Contact your bank, credit card company, internet service provider, utility provider, homeowners association and/or landlord to inquire about paperless billing and email notifications.
  • Buy an e-reader, so you can download magazines, monthly newsletters and coupon offers online.
  • For a how-to guide on how to opt out of various junk mail services, check out the Bay Area Junk Mail Reduction Campaign and electronically download a Stop Junk Mail Kit.
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