Recycled products

Recycled Products

Next time you shop, look for products made with recycled content. These products will usually mention their recycled content on their label. Remember: the more post-consumer content, the better. Follow these tips the next time you go shopping:

  • Encourage others to help our environment by gifting recycled content. Take it a step further by wrapping your presents in cloth or in old newspapers.
  • Before buying your next necessity or accessory, check online to see if a recycled version of the specific item exists.
  • Visit to locate a Salvation Army, Goodwill and/or community thrift store close to you. No matter which establishment you visit, you’re sure to find interesting items, many of which have never been used.
  • Acquire recycled items for free – online sites like Craigslist and Freecycle offer everything from thumbtacks to automobiles.
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