Take-out containers

Take-out Containers

Planning ahead cuts down on waste! Use these tips to avoid collecting, and throwing away, take-out containers.

  • Pack tomorrow’s lunch today. Don’t forget to include a set of non-disposable utensils.
  • For a refreshing drink at lunch with your homemade sandwich, freeze your reusable water bottle tonight, and let it defrost from the moment you get up to the moment you eat lunch.
  • Buy a travel mug and use it every time you drink coffee. If you forget to bring your mug, ask for a non-disposable cup – most coffeehouses will accommodate you.
  • Keep a tote bag with three to five reusable food containers in your pantry, in your trunk and under your desk at work. Bring your bag of containers with you when you dine, and use the containers for leftovers.
  • If a single-use disposable container is unavoidable, make sure you recycle it!
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