Recycled products


Based on the 2014 California Solid Waste Characterization Study, 5.5% of what Marin County residents dispose of each year is textiles. The advent of “fast fashion” has increased the proliferation of textiles in the waste stream. Textiles include clothing, fabric, draperies and all natural and synthetic fibers (except leather). Typically, textiles are not accepted in your curbside recycling container.

So, what should you do with your unwanted clothes, shoes, linens, rags and cloth? PLEASE, keep these materials out of the trash!

If your items are still in good shape, sell or donate them to local resale stores. For a list of local thrift stores, visit our Recycling Guide and search for “clothing”.

You could also make items available for free on, Facebook Marketplace, a local “Buy Nothing” group on Facebook, or Craigslist.

Or, you may bring them to one of the many clothing drop off kiosks in the county. They are located in malls such as the Village in Corte Madera and the Northgate Mall in Terra Linda. You can find more locations at the Us Again website or click here for a list of Recycle for Change textile kiosks in the county.

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