Lose the Single-Use Stuff – Choose Reusables Every Time!


Nowadays, there are a whole lot of items – such as plastic bottles, spoons and wrap – that are designed to be used once and then thrown “away.” That may feel convenient, but there is a long-term cost. Many items cannot be recycled easily and those that can be recycled don’t always make it into the recycling cart. The result: litter, plastic pollution and wasted resources.

But there are useful, reusable solutions. The alternatives below look and feel better and some are healthier to use than plastic alternatives.


stick a real fork in it image


Why ruin your tasty take-out with flimsy plastic forks, knives and spoons, when you have perfectly fine silverware in the drawer? When ordering meals to bring home, let the restaurant know you don’t need cutlery (or paper napkins or straws or condiment packets) and cut waste. Eating on the go? Bring reusable cutlery in your bag, backpack or glove box in the car and you’ll be all set. #ReUseful


now that's a wrap


Now you don’t have to wrap your sandwiches with nasty plastic. Keep those lunches fresh and healthy with reusable wrap made with natural beeswax. The wrap comes in several sizes, is easy to use and can be washed and reused over and over.
Plus, it looks nice! #ReUseful


choose reusable bottles


It’s great to hydrate, but that plastic bottle lasts for centuries after you’ve drained the last drop. Retain flavor and temperature with a reusable beverage bottle for all-day sipping from glass or aluminum containers. They are great for tea, coffee and flavored drinks, too. #ReUseful

Choosing reusables is a healthy habit that has long-term impact. Small changes add up. Do you have suggestions for more swap-outs? Tell us your favorites on our Facebook page. Thanks, Marin!


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