The Zero Waste Schools Program

Zero Waste Schools Program

“We are THRILLED to be a Zero Waste Marin School. Being a ZWM school has changed our culture by making our efforts more present and REAL, in the forefront for our students, parents, and staff. The students are psyched and eager to participate and make changes.”

Patty Elliot
Neil Cummins Elementary School

Zero Waste Marin created the Zero Waste Schools Program to offer to all Marin County schools to help you comply with state recycling and composting requirements. Our zero waste experts will educate your team on recycling and the benefits of reducing waste, provide 3-bin waste stations for resource recovery, and help educate and inspire your students. Visit the About the Program page for more information.

Our Vision

To inspire a generation of students with a passion for the environment and arm them with experience and knowledge in waste reduction, resource recovery, and leadership in the environmental field. If you are interested in enrolling in the Zero Waste Schools Program, please fill out the form below.



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