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Tips for a Sustainable School Year

Summer break is over, and it’s time to head back to school! Follow these simple tips from Zero Waste Marin for a sustainable school year.

  • Pack a zero waste lunch! Reusable lunch boxes, washable containers and cloth napkins are great alternatives to single use plastic and paper bags, plastic wrap, and other wasteful forms of food storage. Visit our How to Pack a Zero Waste Lunch page for more tips and ideas!
  • Avoid single-use juice boxes, milk cartons, and soda cans. Instead, send your child to school with a reusable water bottle, or purchase beverages in bulk and store them in a reusable thermos.
  • Purchase snacks like nuts and fruits that are sold in bulk bins. Then, toss a handful into a reusable container, and you’ll have your own trail mix to go.
  • Donate old crayons to schools or repurpose them into a fun art project with your family. Follow this simple tutorial on how to make crayon art!
  • Save money and reduce waste by purchasing refillable writing utensils, such as mechanical pencils or refillable ink pens.
  • If possible, opt out of using traditional notebooks and take notes on a laptop or tablet instead. This will save space in your backpack and reduce your paper trail!

For more school tips and resources, or to learn about the Zero Waste Schools Program, visit our School Resources page.

Zero Waste Marin works with cities and towns throughout Marin County to educate residents, families, and students about waste prevention, reuse, and repair. Click HERE to download a copy of this newsletter.