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Resources, Reports & Studies

Posters and signage offer a great way to provide clear visual messaging about proper sorting. Visit the links for each hauler to download their posters and signage or download ZWM posters on this page.

Zero Waste Feasibility Study 2021

The amount of solid waste disposed in landfills has increased in recent years at statewide and local levels. Due to this increase in disposal and the changes in recycling markets, Zero Waste Marin hired R3 Consulting Group to provide an update to the Zero Waste Feasibility Study. This study was designed to guide the next steps and provides a roadmap for Zero Waste Marin.

Organizational Assessment Report 2018

Alongside the Zero Waste Feasibility study an Organizational Assessment was also performed by R3 Consulting Group, which provides insight into the governance, staffing, and coordination of the agency with its 11 incorporated cities and the County.

Material Flow and Capacity Analysis 2018

In 2018, Zero Waste Marin conducted a “Material Flow and Capacity Analysis” to better understand long term needs for access to both disposal access (landfilling) and organics processing (composting facilities or other organics processing operations).

The Study includes a narrative report and two “one page” infographics – one summarizing landfilling needs for Marin County and one summarizing organics processing needs for Marin County.