Multifamily Property Managers

Property Managers

Know the law! As a property manager, you are required to establish and promote a recycling program. Any apartment complex with five units or more is required by California state law AB 341 to have a recycling program. Learn more here.


  • Provide tenants with information at least annually describing where garbage, recycling and organics (if applicable) containers are located and how to use them.
  • Provide recycling information to tenants when they move into the complex.
  • Post prominent signs on or near the garbage and recycling containers. Click here to download free posters specific to your community.


  • Recycling should be just as convenient as taking out the garbage. Recycling containers should be located in the same area as the garbage containers so it is easy for tenants to recycle when they take out their trash.
  • Place recycling containers in common areas such as the mail area or laundry room.
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