Recycling for Multi-Family Tenants

You can help make your building’s recycling program a success by properly sorting your recyclable materials from your trash. Check with your hauler to find out what belongs in the recycling cart at your apartment complex.

  • Any apartment complex with five units or more is required by California state law AB 341 to have a recycling program. Learn more here.
  • At this time, individual residents of multi-family properties are not able to sign up for recycling service on their own.
  • If there is no recycling service at your complex, encourage the property manager to establish a recycling program.
  • Property managers need to contact their hauler to set up recycling service.

SB 1383: How Multi-Family Residents Must Comply

California law requires you to compost all organic waste.

Your building’s property manager is required to provide the building with a labeled compost bin close to the garbage and recycling containers. If your building does not have composting service, please contact your property manager.

Please remember to pay close attention to what you place in the compost bin. Even a small amount of trash in the compost bin means that all the material goes to waste. Not everything labeled “compostable” can be composted. Need more guidance? See the Composting web page. 

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