In 2009, a Zero Waste Feasibility Study was completed to assist the JPA in establishing programs and policies to strengthen the countywide framework for meeting the statewide and local Zero Waste goals. Zero Waste Marin has made good progress in implementing the strategies and recommendations that came out of the 2009 report.

The amount of solid waste disposed in landfills has increased in recent years at statewide and local levels. Due to this increase in disposal and the changes in recycling markets, Zero Waste Marin hired R3 Consulting Group to provide an update to the Zero Waste Feasibility Study. This study will guide next steps and provides a roadmap for Zero Waste Marin.

Download the 2021 Zero Waste Feasibility Study

Along with this study is the Organizational Assessment also performed by R3 Consulting Group, which provides insight into the governance, staffing, and coordination of the agency with its 11 incorporated cities and the County.

Download the Organizational Assessment

Material Flow and Capacity Analysis

In 2018, Zero Waste Marin conducted a “Material Flow and Capacity Analysis” to better understand long term needs for access to both disposal access (landfilling) and organics processing (composting facilities or other organics processing operations). The Study includes a narrative report and also two “one page” infographics – one summarizing landfilling needs for Marin County and one summarizing organics processing needs for Marin County.

Download the Material Flow and Capacity Analysis (MFCA)

Download the Regional Compost Facilities Infographic

Download the Redwood Landfill Infographic

AB 901 Ordinance

On August 26, 2021, the Marin Hazardous and Solid Waste Joint Powers Authority (JPA) Board (Zero Waste Marin) passed the following ordinance #2021-01 (link below) that affects how collectors, processors (transfer stations), and disposal facility operators shall report to the JPA the weight of Solid Waste physically collected from within each jurisdiction of origin (City or Town or Unincorporated Marin County). Entities shall report the information required on an annual basis in each calendar year no later than March 1 of the following year.

Download the Ordinance.


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