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Make the Switch to Rechargeable Batteries

Single-use batteries have become a serious problem for our environment. If not disposed of correctly, they can corrode and contaminate surrounding soil and water.  Zero Waste Marin encourages residents to invest in rechargeable batteries: you’ll save money and help protect our community from exposure to toxic waste. Rechargeable batteries are easy to purchase and can […]

Simple and Green: DIY Spring Cleaning Ideas

It’s time for Spring cleaning! Follow these simple tips to make your own DIY cleaning supplies, donate unwanted items, and dispose of toxic products safely. For more alternative cleaning supply ideas and information, please visit our Less Toxic Alternatives page. Cleaning Rags – Repurpose old T-shirts and towels to use as cleaning rags instead of […]

Help Us Reduce Textile Waste

If your family members received new clothing or shoes over the holidays, then you might be thinking about cleaning out your closets to make room for these new items. Please keep textiles out of our local landfills by following these simple tips from Zero Waste Marin and our partners. Are your clothes and shoes still […]

Reduce Waste During the Holiday Season

Follow these tips from Zero Waste Marin and our partners to reduce food waste in Marin County during the holidays! Practice Smart Shopping—Check your pantry to see what you already have before going grocery shopping for holiday meals. Make a List—Make a grocery list and stick to it, especially when planning a large holiday event! […]

Reduce Waste this Winter

Zero Waste Marin and our partners want to pass along a few tips to help Marin County residents reduce waste this holiday season. Holiday Shopping When out shopping for the perfect party favor or present, please support our locally owned businesses in Marin. Carry your own reusable bags for holiday shopping, and avoid taking a paper […]

Reduce Waste this Fall

Check before you shop Businesses can save time, money, and increase security by going paperless. For students, evaluate what you do and don’t need before you shop. Just because it’s a new school year, doesn’t mean you have to replace all of last year’s supplies. Binders, folders and notebooks may still have plenty of use […]

Shop Smart and Waste Less this summer

Zero Waste Marin encourages Marin County residents to start shopping smart to waste less. Adding smart eco-friendly alternatives to your cart can make a difference to the environment and your wallet. Waste: disposable batteries. Smart: rechargeable batteries. Single-use batteries contain heavy metals and corrosive materials, and improper disposal can spell bad news for the environment. […]

Tips to Reduce Waste at Home this Spring

Reusable Containers: Instead of plastic or paper bags, use reusable containers to pack your family’s food and beverages. Whether you are going for a hike on Mt. Tam, heading to the park for the afternoon or packing a school lunch, reusable containers are the best way to hold snacks for the trip. Cloth Napkins: Swap […]