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Household Hazardous Waste FAQs

What is HHW? Common household items such as fluorescent bulbs, batteries, gasoline, household chemicals, pesticides, paints, antifreeze and asbestos are all considered HHW. These items can be toxic to you and/or the environment and must be disposed of properly to protect you, the environment and your resource hauler.  Learn more at Zero Waste Marin: […]

How Recyclables are Handled in Marin County

Recent changes in international recycling regulations have impacted recycling markets here in Marin County and nationwide so here is a brief refresher on how recyclables are handled in our community. Resource Haulers in Marin County handle recyclables with two different systems: “Single Stream” Recycling: Mill Valley Refuse, Bay Cities Refuse, Recology Sonoma Marin & Tamalpais […]

Reduce Waste During the Holiday Season

Reducing waste this holiday season begins with thoughtful shopping and gift giving. Please remember to shop smart and waste less this holiday season. Give an Experience Give friends and family members a memorable and personalized gift that requires little or no packaging. Tickets to the theater, ballet or symphony Concert or movie passes Membership to […]

Reduce Waste During the Holidays

Follow these tips from Zero Waste Marin to reduce waste during the holidays! Plan ahead to prevent waste Check your pantry before you go shopping, then make a list and buy only what you need for each recipe, especially if you are cooking for a large group. For more ways to streamline your shopping trips, […]

Go Green this Halloween!

Before getting dressed up to go trick-or-treating, Zero Waste Marin would like to encourage residents to be mindful of the environment during this year’s Halloween festivities. Follow these simple tips to prevent candy wrappers, leftover decorations and old costumes from ending up in our landfills. Trick-or-treating Give your children reusable buckets, canvas bags, or even […]

Tips for a Sustainable School Year

Summer break is over, and it’s time to head back to school! Follow these simple tips from Zero Waste Marin for a sustainable school year. Pack a zero waste lunch! Reusable lunch boxes, washable containers and cloth napkins are great alternatives to single use plastic and paper bags, plastic wrap, and other wasteful forms of […]

Home Composting & Yard Waste Tips

Composting at home is an easy way to save money on your garbage bill and combat climate change while creating fresh soil for your garden! Want to learn how to do it? Online Resources There is a ton of information on the web!  For example, check out this video from our friends at in […]

Sustainable Summer Food Tips

Celebrate summer with the environment in mind! Zero Waste Marin would like to offer residents sustainable and environmentally friendly options for your barbeques, picnics, and get-togethers. Provide your guests with reusable plates, cups, utensils and cloth napkins instead of paper and plastic disposables. Buy in bulk, look for products with as little packaging as possible, and try […]

Have a Sustainable Summer

Summer is finally here! Before purchasing new outfits or outdoor supplies, Zero Waste Marin would like to provide residents with some quick tips on how to safely recycle and dispose of unwanted, common household items: Shoes & Clothing Need to swap out your winter wardrobe to make room for summer clothing? • Donate your clothes […]

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22

Earth Day is an annual, worldwide event that celebrates efforts to protect our environment. This Earth Day, choose one of the following eco-conscious activities to reduce waste and pollution here in Marin County. Plant a tree. Trees produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and counter toxic byproducts of burning fossil fuels – all of which help […]